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The ultimate AI-powered app that helps you share your amazing moments on social media with ease!

The revolutionary AI-powered app that makes it easier than ever to create perfect descriptions and hashtags for your social media posts. With our app, you can generate descriptions and popular hashtags for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more with the help of Artificial Intelligence. With CaptionCraft, you can generate catchy and unique descriptions in any language with just a few taps. Our AI-powered algorithms generate the most popular hashtags to make sure your posts reach the widest possible audience. Try CaptionCraft today and see how easy and fun it is to craft the perfect caption for your posts!


Responses for your requests are generated by external artificial intelligence. Requests are generated locally on your device based on keywords you provide and then sent to an external server. Thus application require constant internet connection. The developer of CaptionCraft will do its best to ensure the best responses and stability of the application, but is not responsible for the stability of external service provided by third party.


  • AI generated description and hashtags for social media
  • Variety of different languages avaiable

Privacy Policy

Effective date: January 12, 2023

CaptionCraft DO NOT collect, store, or transfer any of Users personal data.
The only data that is collected and transfered to third party server comes from user typed keywords.

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